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Group.png Fazze
(Company, Influencer, Psychological operation)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
A screenshot from a Guardian article.
HeadquartersLondon?, Russia?
InterestsRussiagate, “Misinformation”, “COVID-19/Vaccine”, Pfizer

Fazze, according to the BBC, is or was a UK-based PR agency with alleged Russian connections, which promoted misinformation about the COVID-19/Vaccine.


The agency "in stilted English" reportedly offered to pay French and German YouTubers to disparage Pfizer.[1]

Of notice is that the "whistleblower" Léo Grasset[2] is otherwise utterly faithful to the COVID official narrative, and the information the influencers were allegedly offered money to spread is conspicuously easy to verify as not true.

This makes it possible that the whole story is concocted by a Western government (like Integrity Initiative) or ad agency to smear genuine warnings of the safety of the Pfizer injection as a foreign plot. Confirming this suspicion is that a the BBC dug out a strongly transatlantic politician, Omid Nouripour, foreign policy spokesman for the German Green party, to reinforce deep state talking points. He suggested "looking to Moscow for the motivation behind the Fazze campaign" and said "bad-mouthing vaccines in the West undermines trust in our democracies and is supposed to increase trust in Russia's vaccines, and there is only one side that benefits and that is the Kremlin."[1]

The Russian embassy in London denied any involvement: "We treat Covid-19 as a global threat and, thus, are not interested in undermining global efforts in the fight against it, with vaccinating people with the Pfizer vaccine as one of the ways to cope with the virus."[1]

Facebook shut down 65 Facebook accounts and 243 Instagram accounts linked to Fazze to "stop anti vaccine misinformation".[3]