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Cover is a basic part of both tradecraft and statecraft. Spooks & criminals do not put "intelligence officer", "drug trafficker" or "fraudster" on their business cards.[citation needed] They need at least the facade of legitimate business behind which to carry on their covert business.

Common practice

A certain proportion of diplomats (1/3??)[citation needed] are reputed to be fact spooks.

Case studies

The official narrative of George H. W. Bush's life is that he ran an oil business, but it was as if an occult hand had drawn him to parts of the world in which CIA operations were being set up.Also, although it never seemed to make money for its investors, he always seemed to have sufficient money for new ventures. This is expertly deconstructed in Russ Baker's Family of Secrets.

Deep state cover

A remark by UK Deep state operative, Simon Bracey-Lane, highlights the fact that while the external organisation names and logos are disposable, the personal relationships are not:

“What might prevent us from achieving our aims?: Lack of clear messaging, are we IFS or are we II.
Simon Bracey-Lane (2018)  [1]
Emphasis added


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While common criminals may do their best to hide their criminal activities, intelligence agencies and deep states are far more able to do so. Sometimes covert means are used to subvert police or judges.

National security

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Cover-ups are facilitated in many jurisdictions by a culture of impunity surrounding spooks or deep state operatives, especially when the legal recourse of "national security" is available. This grants a far reaching exception to standard procedure. For example, in 2008, when Jeffrey Epstein was being charged with sexual offences involving a minor, the prosecuting attorney, Alexander Acosta was told that the case had "national security" implications, and that therefore he make a plea deal which granted blanket immunity to anyone else whom it later transpired was involved.

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