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(Journalist, Author)
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Born4 April 1960
Dundee, Scotland
Interests • Water/Fluoridation
• Fluorine
Author of the Fluoride Deception

Christopher Bryson is a UK journalist who worked for the BBC World Service, National Public Radio, the Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor and others.

In the 1980s he covered Guatemalan Army human rights abuses. Other investigations included David Duke's Nazi past, NASA's nuclear payloads, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, CIA links to Radio Free Europe and the bombing of Pan Am flight 103. [1][2]

In his book, The Fluoride Deception, he details how:[3]

  • industrial interests, concerned about liabilities from fluoride pollution and health effects on workers, played a significant role in the early promotion of fluoridation
  • how fluoride for water fluoridation is not a medical product, but industrial waste
  • the harassment of scientists who expressed concerns about the safety and/or efficacy of fluoridation
  • how water fluoridation was pressed onto the public around the time when the Manhattan Project started (for which enormous amounts of fluoride had to be processed)
  • that Edward Bernays was involved in the process of selling the idea of water fluoridation
  • how "scientists" like Howard Hodge told publicly that fluoride is safe, while conducting the Human radiation experiments[4] (which involved: feeding radioactive material to mentally disabled children, administering radioactive iron to impoverished pregnant women, exposing U.S. soldiers and prisoners to high levels of radiation, exhuming bodies from graveyards to test them for radiation)
  • that the 1948 Donora smog (which was mainly caused by fluoride processing) jump-started the environmental movement
  • that institutions like the Mellon Institute, the Kettering Laboratory and the University of Rochester (through Howard Hodge) were instrumental in giving the scientific veneer that fluoride is save

The hardcover was published in 2004 (softcover 2006). By October 2021 softcover copies have reached $100 USD at,[5] hardcover copies $775 USD.[6]

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File:The Fluoride Deception Preview.pdfBook7 March 2006Water/Fluoridation
Water Fluoridation
This is a preview PDF, which includes only the first 92 pages of this well researched and well referenced expose of water fluoridation in the USA. Bryson draws on many interviews with scientists, and archival research in places such as the newly opened files of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Energy Commission. The book reveals how and why water was ever fluoridated, and some of the dangers of this practice."
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