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(economist, scholar)
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Born2 May 1932
Zaandam, Netherlands
Died9 August 1987 (Age 55)
Groningen, Netherlands
Parents • Cornelis de Galan
• Klara Johanna van der Klift
Dutch economist who assisted Victor Halberstadt mediating the "1981 cabinet crisis". Member of the 1971 shadow-cabinet full of deep politicians, spooks and even one accused paedophile.

Dr. Cees De Galan was a Dutch economist who assisted Victor Halberstadt mediating the "1981 cabinet crisis".


Cees De Galan was awarded a PhD in economics at the University of Amsterdam in 1957.


From 1964 to 1967 he was director of the Wiardi Beckman Foundation, the scientific agency of the PvdA. From 1970 to October 1982, De Galan was professor of economics at the University of Groningen.[1]

Around the 1971 Parliamentary Elections, he was included as Minister of Economic Affairs in the Shadow Cabinet Den Uyl of PvdA, D66 and PPR. At the end of 1981 he and fellow economist Victor Halberstadt were appointed to mediate the "cabinet crisis". Because of their glue attempts, the Van Agt II cabinet remained on.[2] Between 1972 and 1987, Galan was a crown member of the Socio-Economic Council (SER). In 1984 he was acting-chairman of the SER.[3] From 1982 to 1987 Galan was chairman of the Insurance Chamber.[4]


Event Planned

1981 Dutch Cabinet crisis19811982The Hague
PM Dries van Agt was set-up (after a decade-long power struggle) to work with a lot of deep politicians, spooks, Israel's liaison Joop den Uyl, the Dutch Operation Gladio boss, a corrupt royal family and NATO. He never had a chance.