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"Weapons of Mass Destruction"

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The plastic phrase "weapon of mass destruction" is used as an enemy image. Like "terrorism" it is an exonym - it describes weapons and technologies that other people have.


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The leading manufacturers of arms are well represented in the UN Security Council.


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Page nameDescription
"Weapon of mass destruction"A plastic word and enemy image hyped as part of Operation Mass Appeal
BAE Systems/ProductsBAE Systems covers a wide range of products and projects. Few of them, however, are anything that the ordinary consumer would ever buy. BAE products are mostly intended for the defence procurement of nation states, and to a lesser extent, the huge budgets of airlines such as British Airways.
Car bomb
Depleted uraniumDepleted uranium is a toxic substance that better had been prohibited by international treaties decades ago, but American generals don't want to give up this capability.
Directed-energy weapon
DroneRemote controlled flying robots, used for a wide range of purposes by governments or private companies as they're getting banned throughout the world for personal use.
Electromagnetic PulseA type of weapon where a large amount of electric and magnetic energy is released - often by mobile device such as car or missile - on a smaller scale than a nuclear weapon. Its effects can be devastating for electronic devices.
Electromagnetic weapon
Havana syndromeAttack on US embassy staff and spies in different locations around the world.
Land mineA weapon which is semi-buried in the ground until activated, e.g. by someone stepping on them.
Less lethal weaponWeapons not intended to kill, but to disable, for example by causing pain
Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent AudioMicrowave-based auditory effect weapon.
Non-lethal weaponNon-lethal weapons are a more attractive option for dictatorships keen to hide their murderous nature. The most active researcher seems to be the US Pentagon.


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Nadia Whittome“To support arming Ukraine isn’t to oppose the idea of peace talks. The question is what position Ukraine would enter them from. It’s right to avoid escalation into a direct conflict between Moscow and Nato. However, arming the resistance is a way to allow Ukraine to negotiate from a position of strength, not surrender.”Nadia WhittomeFebruary 2023
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