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Our most visited page was about the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.
Our second most visited page continued to be 9-11 and in particular: 9-11/Israel Did It, where a lot of connections to the Israeli Deep state and their role in the event were listed.
The third most visited entry was investigative journalist Whitney Webb.
Some of the most important deep events of 2023 included the Project Veritas sting on a Pfizer director.

One of the stories quickly scrubbed and turned into a limited hangout[1] was the Project Veritas sting on Pfizer's Jordon Trishton Walker. Walker, as director of research and development for mRNA scientific planning, apparently hinted Pfizer was developing new virus mutations even though internally Pfizer thought the Covid-19 pandemic was caused by a lab leak, or simply said, by people doing the same thing 5 years ago. Walker also acknowledged awareness of the fact the public wouldn't want Big Pharma to do this.
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The United States Congress held hearings where government whistleblowers claimed UFOs and aliens exist and the US government has covered and blocked research into it by silencing witnesses.

Three whistleblowers[2] came forward in July and claimed the United States is hiding a "longstanding" black project that finds, stores and rebuilds crashed UFOs, hiding "non-human" remains and silencing whistleblowers. Why they were allowed to come forward on CCM is not yet known.
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Extensive research by Perun into Russian PMCs eerily predicted Russia would clash with their biggest PMCs.

This long investigative piece by YouTuber Perun argued Russia increasingly has tried to cut off certain Private Military Contractors that were becoming too reckless, too insolent, and too much of a threat to the Russian Ministry of Defense itself. A very accurate prediction it turned out to be after the Wagner coup attempt.
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