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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Suspected assassin of [[RFK]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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 (Suspected assassin of [[RFK]])
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (Suspected to have blackmailed his way into the vice presidency so he could become president when JFK was assassinated.)
  • Alexander Nix  + (Suspended after the Channel 4 expose)
  • Carl Bildt  + (Swedish poitician and serial Bilderberger)
  • Thomas Jordan  + (Swiss central banker)
  • Document:Wikipedians in disrepute - "Vzaak/Manul"  + (Systematic enforcement of the materialistic scientific paradigm against orthodox dissenters on Wikipedia)
  • Document:Wikipedians in Disrepute - “Guy (JzG)”  + (Systematic enforcement of the materialistic scientific paradigm against orthodox dissenters on Wikipedia)
  • Wikipedia/Hasbara  + (Systematic gatekeeping for Jewish interest on Wikipedia)
  • J. D. Tippit/Body discovered  + (T. F. Bewley comes upon J.D. Tippit's body in the street. As he gets out to help he looks at his watch, which reads 1:10pm ref. Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 122)
  • TSBD sixth floor empty  + (TSBD employee Bonnie Ray Williams leaves the sixth floor after eating his lunch, he saw nobody. ref. Crossfire, p 49; Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 106)
  • Eddie Piper speaks to Oswald  + (TSBD employee Eddie Piper said he actually spoke to Oswald, Just at twelve o'clock, down on the first floor.)
  • Oswald near telephone in TSBD  + (TSBD foreman Bill Shelley said he saw Oswald near the telephone on the first floor. ref. Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 107)
  • UN/SC/Vetoes  + (Tables listing and analysing the veto votes cast by Permanent Members of the UNSC since its inception.)
  • Scott Bennett  + (Tampa)
  • Murray Edwards  + (Tar sands billionaire)
  • Document:After Yugoslavia, Ukraine?  + (Telling parallels and juxtapositions between the 2013-14 rioting in Ukraine and the dissolution of Yugoslavia)
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man  + (Testimony about how economies are managed by outside agencies (such as the IMF and the WB) as a form of 'crypto-colonialism'.)
  • Document:The Confessions of Rudolf Hoss  + (Text and commentary on the confessions of Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolf Hoss secured under torture and gross ill-treatment by both his British and Polish inquisitors)
  • Document:The Euro-Summit Agreement on Greece  + (Text of the Euro-Greek agreement on Greek debt, annotated by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister)
  • India  + (The "''Jewel in the Crown''" of the British Empire. Until independence in 1947 it was ruled from London under the auspices of a British-appointed Viceroy whose powers were absolute.)
  • Bank of Credit and Commerce International  + (The "Bank of Crooks and Criminals International", as some nicknamed it, was a bank set up to facilitate large scale, global money laundering, mainly to support a range of black operations by intelligence agencies.)
  • WW1  + (The "Great War" and the "War to End War". Perhaps 10 million killed.)
  • Document:Hong Kong's Identity Crisis  + (The "Occupy Central" movement in Hong KongThe "Occupy Central" movement in Hong Kong seek to harness popular disaffection, especially among the young, but its leaders represent colonial collaborators who cannot accept the return of Hong Kong to China, nor imagine life other than as cogs in an Anglo-American world order. as cogs in an Anglo-American world order.)
  • Official narrative  + (The "Official Narrative" is the cover storThe "Official Narrative" is the cover story of "the powers that be". On Wikispooks this generally means the story intended for citizens of the so-called 'Western Democracies'. This could be the truth, but the term is usually reserved for use in cases in which it departs significantly from the truth (which may be be unclear or completely unknown, cover by a veil of official lies).nknown, cover by a veil of official lies).)
  • User:Robin  + (The "War on Terror" is not a mistake, nor did it begin in 2001 in response to 9/11. This page clears up a number of misconceptions about this so-called "war" which like the "[[war on drugs]]" was designed to be endless.)
  • United States Postal Inspection Service  + (The "law enforcement arm of the United States Postal Service.")