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A list of all pages that have property "Description" with value "Suspected assassin of [[RFK]]". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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 (Suspected assassin of [[RFK]])
  • Thane Eugene Cesar  + (Suspected assassin of [[RFK]].)
  • Robert Zoelly  + (Suspected to have been the Swiss director of the [[Le Cercle]].)
  • Lyndon Johnson  + (Suspected to have blackmailed his way into the vice presidency so he could become president when JFK was assassinated.)
  • Alexander Nix  + (Suspended after the Channel 4 expose)
  • Carl Bildt  + (Swedish poitician and serial Bilderberger)
  • Thomas Jordan  + (Swiss central banker)
  • Document:Wikipedians in disrepute - "Vzaak/Manul"  + (Systematic enforcement of the materialistic scientific paradigm against orthodox dissenters on Wikipedia)
  • Document:Wikipedians in Disrepute - “Guy (JzG)”  + (Systematic enforcement of the materialistic scientific paradigm against orthodox dissenters on Wikipedia)
  • Wikipedia/Hasbara  + (Systematic gatekeeping for Jewish interest on Wikipedia)
  • J. D. Tippit/Body discovered  + (T. F. Bewley comes upon J.D. Tippit's body in the street. As he gets out to help he looks at his watch, which reads 1:10pm ref. Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 122)
  • Thomas Bittler  + (TSA whistleblower, dismissed along with [[Ray Guagliardi]].)
  • TSBD sixth floor empty  + (TSBD employee Bonnie Ray Williams leaves the sixth floor after eating his lunch, he saw nobody. ref. Crossfire, p 49; Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 106)
  • Eddie Piper speaks to Oswald  + (TSBD employee Eddie Piper said he actually spoke to Oswald, Just at twelve o'clock, down on the first floor.)
  • Oswald near telephone in TSBD  + (TSBD foreman Bill Shelley said he saw Oswald near the telephone on the first floor. ref. Conspiracy - Who Killed Kennedy?, p 107)
  • UN/SC/Vetoes  + (Tables listing and analysing the veto votes cast by Permanent Members of the UNSC since its inception.)
  • Scott Bennett  + (Tampa)
  • Murray Edwards  + (Tar sands billionaire)
  • Hit squad  + (Teams of [[assassin]]s)
  • Document:After Yugoslavia, Ukraine?  + (Telling parallels and juxtapositions between the 2013-14 rioting in Ukraine and the dissolution of Yugoslavia)
  • "Terror drill"  + (Terror drills are part of the "[[war on te
    Terror drills are part of the "[[war on terror]]". In theory, they help defend against "[[terrorist]]s". In practice, they are also used to stage [[false flag]] events. This article notes that many such events seem to coincide with or immediately presage actual attacks.
    ith or immediately presage actual attacks.)
  • Confessions of an Economic Hit Man  + (Testimony about how economies are managed by outside agencies (such as the IMF and the WB) as a form of 'crypto-colonialism'.)
  • Document:The Confessions of Rudolf Hoss  + (Text and commentary on the confessions of Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolf Hoss secured under torture and gross ill-treatment by both his British and Polish inquisitors)
  • Document:The Euro-Summit Agreement on Greece  + (Text of the Euro-Greek agreement on Greek debt, annotated by Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister)
  • Document:How Chrystia Freeland Organised Donald Trump’s Coup in Venezuela  + (That’s what [[Ukraine]], and now [[Venezuela]], and many other [[US]] coups and invasions, are - and have been - really about. It’s about the ‘peace’ of the graveyard, NOT any democracy, anywhere at all.)
  • India  + (The "''Jewel in the Crown''" of the British Empire. Until independence in 1947 it was ruled from London under the auspices of a British-appointed Viceroy whose powers were absolute.)