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(politician, deep state actor)
Försvarsminister Sven Andersson.jpg
Born5 April 1910
Died21 September 1987 (Age 77)
PartySwedish Social Democratic Party
Swedish Social Democrat politician and deep state actor

Employment.png Sweden/Minister/Foreign Affairs Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
3 November 1973 - 8 October 1976

Employment.png Sweden/Minister/Defence

In office
22 March 1957 - 31 October 1973
The IB-affair was exposed

Employment.png Sweden/Minister/Communications

In office
1 October 1951 - 22 March 1957

Sven Olof Morgan Andersson was a Swedish Social Democratic politician.[1] He was Minister for Defence from 1957 to 1973, and as Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1973 to 1976. Andersson was also Minister of Communications from 1951 to 1957.

He was as a strong anti-Communist and military hawk.


He was a key player in the build-up of IB, exposed in the 1973 IB affair, which revealed a secret military intelligence organization conducting large-scale surveillance of Swedish citizens.

As Defence Minister, Andersson withheld information from his Prime Ministers (Tage Erlander, later Olof Palme. According to Robert Bathurst, Bobby Ray Inman was able to make a "deal with the Swedes" about deploying very secret hydrophones run by the Americans, and this had certainly facilitated his carrier, Bathurst said. Inman later reached several top jobs in the intelligence services. The hydrophones, placed just inside Swedish waters, kept tab on Soviet submarine activities in the Baltic.[2]

Andersson was among the editors-in-chief of Stockholms-Tidningen, a social democrat newspaper.[3]


Event Participated in

Swedish Submarine Protection Commission21 October 1982April 1983Swedish Commission controlled by the deep state, used for propaganda effort in The secret war against Sweden and against the Swedish government.