Arne Geijer

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(Trade unionist)
Arne 1958.jpg
Born7 May 1910
Hälsingland, Sweden
Died27 January 1979 (Age 68)
Bromma, Stockholm
PartySwedish Social Democratic Party

Arne Geijer (born 7 May 1910, in Hälsingland, died 27 January 1979 in Bromma, Stockholm) was a Swedish trade union organizer.

Geijer left school when he was thirteen and began working in agriculture. He later completed an apprenticeship as a toolmaker, and joined the Swedish Metalworkers' Union. At the age of 28 he began working full-time for the union as its director of education, and in 1945 he won election as its general secretary, also taking up a position of the council of the International Metalworkers' Federation.[1]

In 1955, Geijer was elected to the upper house of the Riksdag, representing the Swedish Social Democratic Party. The following year, he won election as chair of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, and from 1957 he held these two posts alongside being president of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions. In this role, he was known for his backing for the International Solidarity Fund. He was replaced as president in 1965, but remained chair of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation until 1973. In retirement, he was chair of the Swedish National Pensioners' Organisation from 1977 until 1979.[1][2]


Event Participated in

Bilderberg/196218 May 196220 May 1962Sweden
The 11th Bilderberg meeting and the first one in Sweden.


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