2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/Premature death

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Event.png "Accident"
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/Premature death (Premature deaths) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date2022 - Present
LocationEurope,  Russia
PerpetratorsRussian Deep state, SDS, Ukraine?
DescriptionPremature deaths of mostly Russian businessman during and around when the Russian invasion commenced. There may be Ukrainian and others as well.
Mysterious, sudden new wave of Russian oligarch deaths - A Current Affair

A list with premature deaths of mostly Russian businessman, the actual list is quite longer. But during the war, no media source has been willing to give an explanation yet, hence it being difficult where to draw the line, or what to look for in the list.

Official Narrative

Who is killing all these persons is not sure. It could be infighting in the Russian Deep State, it could be Putin. Aliens have not yet been mentioned, surprisingly, by the always fact-based Corporate media.

Fired Russian general Vladimir Makarov dies in apparent suicide: report


Since the beginning of 2022, multiple unusual deaths of Russian businesspeople or high officials, sometimes including their family members, have occurred under what some sources suggest were suspicious circumstances. In December 2022, The Atlantic labelled the phenomenon "Sudden Russian Death Syndrome". Dutch Broadcaster NOS named it suspicious as most were not known critics, possibly suggesting non-Russian involvement. Some not listed below were found within hours of each-other as if it was similar to Operation 40. 6 people were found one day within 23 hours.[1]


Top Putin war official plunges 160 feet to her death from high-rise building - New York Post

Nothing to see here

Fiona Hill and Mark Galeotti said it is far more likely some really are suicides, and some could be killings by competing influential clans to wipe out competitors without a centralized Kremlin effort (although they accused Putin year in and year out running a Russian mafia state). Interestingly, the link to Russian doctors "falling" out of windows is also mentioned as "incidents", named as just another proof of high suicide rates in Russia.[2]

It's staged, but shhhh

Igor Volobuyev, the Ukrainian-born ex-vice-chairman of Gazprombank, who left Russia during the outbreak of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and joined the Freedom of Russia Legion, said in an interview with The Insider that he thought that his former colleague Vladislav Avayev's alleged murder of his family and subsequent suicide had been staged.[3]

Sergey Protosenya's son, who was not in Spain when his parents and sister were found dead in Lloret de Mar, stated his father was not the perpetrator ("my father is not a murderer"), but that his parents and sister were murdered by someone else.[4]


A dynamic list from Wikipedia taken on the 20th of February 2023.[5]


5star.png 8 August 2023 Jun  Defenestration or hit list?
A list of worldwide victims of a targeted killing of Russia-aligned businessman and their families remains unsolved. Who is running this assassination network is not clear, but the professionalism and list cannot be explained by suicide rates.
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