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Group.png University of Wisconsin-Madison  
MottoNumen Lumen
(God, our light)
TypePublic university flagshipLand-grant universitySea-grant university
Other nameBadgers

Dismissal of Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett was banned from the University of Wisconsin for questioning the official story of 9/11.[1]


Alumni on Wikispooks

Robert Bartley12 October 193710 December 2003USEditorManaged the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal for over 30 years. 15 Bilderberg visits
Saul Bellow10 June 19155 April 2005Canada
AuthorUS/Canadian writer. Member of Balkan Action Committee & Committee on the Present Danger
Marion BowmanDiplomat
FBI leader who refused to seek a special warrant to search Zacarias Moussaoui’s belongings before the 9/11 attacks. Later awarded cash bonus and presidential citation for "exceptional performance".
Dick Cheney30 January 1941Deep politician
War criminal
Neoconservative deep politician with close ties to the MICC. Vice President 2001-2009, under George W Bush.
Lawrence Eagleburger1 August 19304 June 2011USPolitical analyst
Deep state operative
"Terror expert"
Diplomat, terror expert and US deep state operative
Donald Easum27 August 192316 April 2016USDiplomatUS diplomat with deep state connections.
Luana Génot1988BrazilJournalist
Television presenter
Brazilian uncritical promoter of COVID-19 vaccines
Jim Hougan14 October 1942USAuthorOne of the first investigative work to question the orthodox narrative of the Watergate scandal
Sidney Korshak6 June 190720 January 1996USLawyer
Deep state operative
His partnership with Chicago mobsters led him to be named "...the most powerful lawyer in the world"
Kevin MacDonald24 January 1944USAcademic
Philip MartinAcademic
Alyssa Mastromonaco22 February 1976Political staffer
Emanuel Piore19 July 19089 May 2000USScientist
Long career as science manager for the US Navy. Attended Bilderberg 1967 as Chief Scientist of IBM.
Lee Raymond13 August 1938USBusinesspersonUS deep state connected Bilderberger businessman
Marshall Rosenberg6 October 19347 February 2015USAuthor
Creator of Nonviolent Communication, a communication process that helps people to exchange the information necessary to resolve conflicts and differences peacefully.
Greta Van Susteren11 June 1954USLawyer
Television presenter
Lawyer who had rocket media career after - according to "D.C. Madam" Henry Vinson - mismanaging his trial on behalf of deep state
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