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MottoLatin: Magnificat anima mea dominum
HeadquartersDundee, Scotland
TypePublic university
Public university in Scotland

The University of Dundee is a public research university in Dundee, a city in the east central Lowlands of Scotland.

The annual income of the institution for 2020–21 was £275.7 million of which £73.9 million was from research grants and contracts, with an expenditure of £269.0 million.[1]

“My love of the universities was severely tested during my period as Rector of Dundee University, when I saw how far the corporate model had turned them from academic communities developing people and pursuing knowledge, to relentless churners out of unconsidered graduates and financially profitable research, with nearly all sense of community gone.”
Craig Murray (22 April 2018)  [2]


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Document:Index on DisgraceArticle22 April 2018Craig Murray"We thus have the extraordinary spectacle of a coordinated government and media onslaught on anybody who doubts their entirely fact free narratives. Public trust in the state and corporate media hits new lows, which is the happy part of this story."


Alumni on Wikispooks

Saleyha AhsanDecember 1970UKSpook
A freelance reporter, film maker and A&E doctor with a Sandhurst background. She has traveled to conflict zones in North Africa and Asia and made films and news reports including Libya, Syria, Bosnia, Palestine, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. She appeared with "Dr Rola" in the controversial 2013 video shown on the BBC's Panorama news programme calling for humanitarian bombings of Syria.
David BurnsLawyerUK judge who in 2021 refused to block vaccine passports, terming them an attempt to address "legitimate issues" of the pandemic in a "balanced way"
Graeme Maxton26 June 1960UKEconomist
Deep state operative
Club of Rome Secretary General advocating the "temporary" abolishment of democracy, introduction of radical emergency legislation, in combination with expert governments creating an international accord under the pretext of a "climate emergency"
Claude Moraes22 October 1965UKPoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Craig Murray17 October 1958UKAuthor
A UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who stood up and did the right thing when confronted with evidence of torture. Smeared and dismissed by the UK deep state, he continues his activism exposing Establishment lies and hypocrisy.
Graham Phillips26 January 1979UKJournalist
UK blogger who did much reporting on the civil war in Ukraine since 2014.
George Robertson12 April 1946UKPolitician
Deep politician
Bilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO with unknown deep political connections.
Alan TurnbullLawyer