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The UK Police, as is common for establishment organs, certainly talks a good talk, and is no doubt full of people who join with the best of intentions. Some allow their loyalty to colleagues to overcome their loyalty to these ideals. And of course the deep state is ready to exploit such establishment organs to suit its own purposes.

Corruption in the UK police, according to a 2011 report by Transparency International is not endemic, but is a much greater problem than recognised, and that there was an inadequate response to its growing threat.[1]

"War on Terror"

Full article: Rated 4/5 “War on Terror”

Following the US led "War on Terror", the UK government has been changing the UK justice system, rolling back civil liberties such as freedom of speech, changing the law to allow use of secret trials, echoing the widely understood corruption of the US Justice Department. Although the direction of the trend is ominous, the comparison with the US should note that even allegations of deliberate murder at the hands of the UK/Police, as of 2015, remain very rare. Under cover of the "war on terror", however, armed police formerly exceptional in mainland UK, are now routine, and physical violence meted out upon "terror suspects" such as Babar Ahmad is increasingly common.[citation needed]


Daniel Morgan was a private investigator assassinated in London in 1987. He "may have been on trail of corrupt police".[2]


Ian Puddick has done a lot to expose corruption of the the UK police, and rather than being thanked for his assistance to improve the service it provides the public, he has been subjected to harassment by police and biased reporting by BBC.[3] He reports that Kroll were effectively in charge of UK police in his case.[4]