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(academic, “terror expert”)
BornSeptember 1967
Member ofConflict Studies Research Centre, Institute for Statecraft
Interests • “terrorism”
• piracy
• “extremism”
• financial fraud
A "terror expert" who directed the Institute for Statecraft's "Security Economics" project.

Dr. Shima Daphne Keene is a academic and a member of the Institute for Statecraft. As of December 2018 she directed the IfS' "Security Economics" project.[1]


Shima Keene has a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies; an MPhil in Defence and Security Studies; and a Ph.D. in International Criminal Law.[2] She has a native ability at speaking Japanese.[3]


In 2006, Shima Keene spoke on Social and Economic Circumstances and the Development of Extremism in the UK at the 2006 Counter Terror World Summit.[4]


  • Threat Finance: Disconnecting the Lifeline of Organized Crime and Terrorism - about which Chris Donnelly said "The economic aspects of threats to our national security posed by terrorism and organised crime have received relatively little attention from those charged with ensuring our security and countering those threats. This thorough, penetrating and highly original study discusses why this has been the case, and explains the nature of the problem with admirable clarity. Dr Keene’s eminently sensible, realistic recommendations should be required reading for everyone interested in national and international security." The other reviewers on the back cover were H. R. McMaster, Kenneth Murray, Barry Rider and Karl Barclay.[5]


Event Participated in

2006 Counter Terror World Summit5 December 20066 December 2006London
Bunch of "counter-terrorists" who met in London 2006