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Place.png Saratoga Springs
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Resort in upstate New York State, half-way to Canada. Significant deep state organized crime activities.

Saratoga Springs is a city in Saratoga County, New York State. The population was 28,491 at the 2020 census. The name reflects the presence of mineral springs in the area, which has made Saratoga a popular resort and gambling destination for over 200 years.


Sanctioned by Tammany Hall and other political gangs of New York, the enterprising John Morrisey, a former bare-knuckles prizefighter and gambling impresario in the big city, built the Saratoga Race Course in 1863. Six years later, he expanded his stake by opening The Club House, a casino that attracted the rich and their heavy wallets.[1]

During the era Prohibition in the 1920s, Saratoga Springs was a virtual "Gangster's Paradise", due to its location halfway to the Canadian border.[2]

There is reason to believe organized crime kept control over the city. It is the home of NXIVM, a cult with deep state connections that engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering, and with Clare Bronfman as a member. When journalists and whistleblowers went public with information about it, they were harassed and framed by local and state police.

Saratoga lake houses

The Saratoga lake houses were a group of nightclubs operating in the vicinity of Lake Lonely on the east side of Saratoga Springs, New York from the 1920s until the early 1950s. They offered fine dining and top quality entertainment along with illegal liquor during prohibition and illegal gambling.

Arnold Rothstein arrived in 1917 with a large bankroll and started paying off local officials for the privilege of opening the Arrowhead Inn near Saratoga Lake. He was so successful that the following year he built the Brook Resort. He started making money hand-over-fist during the summers, opening the dam for a steady stream of newly arriving gangsters.[2]

Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Meyer Lansky and Dutch Shultz all worked for Rothstein at the Brook. Luciano went on to run the Chicago Club on Woodlawn Avenue for several years, while Meyer Lansky’s gambling interests in the Arrowhead and Piping Rock Club lasted for decades.[2]

In 1950 the Kefauver Committee initiated a campaign against organized crime and illegal gambling. The Committee hearings forced Saratoga Springs' city government to finally take action. In 1951 "Doc" Farone was indicted on gambling charges. Organized crime moved its gambling operations to Havana, Cuba until the revolution, and later to Las Vegas.[3]



NXIVM1998An American cult with deep state connections that engaged in sex trafficking, forced labor and racketeering
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