Otakhon Latifi

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Person.png Otakhon Latifi  Rdf-icon.png
(journalist, politician)
BornОтахон Латифӣ
18 March 1936
Died22 September 1998 (Age 62)
Victim ofassassination


On August 4, 1994, Latifi was badly beaten outside his Moscow apartment, and key documents relating to the peace process were stolen.


On his return to Tajikistan in September 1997, he chaired the panel for legal issues under the National Reconciliation Commission, a role which he continued until his death. On September 22, 1998, at around 8am, Latifi was shot at point blank range outside his apartment in Dushanbe.[1]

His assatination sparked condemnation from both the government and opposition, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the non-government organization Human Rights Watch. His death was also mentioned in Time Magazine.

18 March 1936|22 September 1998|


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