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(journalist, author)
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Alma materNew College (Oxford), Birkbeck College

Oliver Kamm is a British journalist and author who is a leader writer and columnist for The Times, and regularly contributes to the Jewish Chronicle.[1] He was a SPAD to his uncle, the Independent MP Martin Bell, from 1997 to the UK/2001 General Election.[2]

"Philip Cross" affair

On 18 May 2018, Craig Murray wrote:

There is no doubt that Oliver Kamm, leader writer of Murdoch’s Times, is close the the “Philip Cross” operation. Many people believe that Kamm and Cross are the same person, or that Kamm is part of a multiple persona. Six times I have personally had hostile edits to my Wikipedia page by “Philip Cross” made in precise conjunction with attacks on me by Kamm, either on Twitter, in a Times editorial or in Prospect magazine. Altogether “Philip Cross” has made 275 edits to my Wikipedia page. These include calling my wife a stripper, deleting my photo, removing my reply to attacks made on me by Kamm and Harding among others, and deleting my refusal of all honours while a British diplomat.

Neil Clark and Peter Oborne are among many others who have suffered attacks on them by "Philip Cross" on Wikipedia simultaneously with attacks by Kamm on other media. Clark is taking Kamm to court for stalking – and “Philip Cross” has deleted all reference to that fact from Kamm’s Wikipedia page.

What is plain is that Kamm and Cross have extremely similar political views, and that the dividing line of those they attack and those they defend is based squarely on the principles of the Euston Manifesto. This may be obscure, but is in fact an important Blairite declaration of support for Israel and for neo-con wars of intervention, and was linked to the foundation of the Henry Jackson Society. Who do we find editing the Wikipedia entry for the Euston Manifesto? “Philip Cross”.[3]

Smearing Young Labour

On 31 August 2021, Oliver Kamm tweeted:

I note with complacency that my call for @UKLabour to shut down its youth wing has elicited an irascible response from numerous bravely anon accounts. So I’ll spell it out for their benefit.

(1) Labour believes in parliamentary democracy; Young Labour supports a dictatorship.

(2) Labour supports collective security through NATO, which it was instrumental in creating; Young Labour, in common with its support for repressive regimes, opposes this vital principle of the democratic Left.

(3) Labour supports a 2-state solution between a secure Israel & a sovereign Palestine; Young Labour urges the abolition of Israel, which could only be accomplished by means of a second Holocaust against the Jewish people. Hence Young Labour’s views are alien to the party’s. QED.[4]

Young Labour responds

On 2 September 2021, Jess Barnard (Chair of Young Labour) tweeted:

"I've been made aware that Oliver Kamm has (allegedly) been finding people who have supported me on twitter and contacting their workplaces with complaints against them. If this has happened to you please drop me a direct message. Solidarity!"[5]

Pathetic little man

In response, Zarah Sultana MP tweeted:

"The Times 'journalist' @OliverKamm has disgracefully smeared Young Labour members.

"You might expect better from a late-middle aged, well-paid 'journalist', but from a Murdoch hack whose articles include "The 'Islamophobia' Scam", it's not so surprising.

"Pathetic little man."[6]

Sue the shit out of him

Grace Blakeley helpfully tweeted:

"Sue the shit out of him. You’d raise every penny through a crowdfunder in a few hours."[7]


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