Office of Scientific Intelligence

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Group.png Office of Scientific Intelligence  Rdf-icon.png
Predecessor • Office of Reports and Estimates/Scientific Branch
• Office of Special Operations/Nuclear Energy Group
Formation 31 December 1948
Extinction 5 August 1963


Formed on December 31, 1948, by merging the Scientific Branch in the Office of Reports and Estimates with the Nuclear Energy Group of the Office of Special Operations.[1]


The OSI's research included several research projects aimed at developing and resisting mind control techniques. Extensive use was made of drugs, hypnosis, electroshock and isolation. Some use was made of torture. Projects included Project ARTICHOKE, Project MKDELTA, Project MKNAOMI, Project MKUltra & Project Monarch.


In 1963, acting Director of Central Intelligence marshall S. Carter order the group to became the Directorate of Science and Technology.[2]


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