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Concept.png Homeless 
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Homelessness is not having a home. Homeless people, like the financially poor, are scapegoated by capitalism.

Worldwide estimates

In 2005 the United Nations estimated that as much as 100 million people worldwide are homeless and more than 1 billion are inadequately housed.[1][2]


Various places in the US have declared it illegal to feed homeless people. In 2014, Fort Lauderdale passed a law against camping, panhandling, food sharing and engaging in other "life sustaining activities".[3]

As of 2019, homelessness was growing in the USA[4] and the LA Times reported in 2019 that 16,000 people in Los Angeles were living in cars, vans and RVs.[5]

In 2017 Atlanta police handed out "flyers across the city telling people that a permit is needed to give food to the homeless."[6]

In 2019, a Virginia ordnance was passed making it illegal to sleep in ones car, on the grounds that the practice “can have a negative effect on neighborhood aesthetics.”[7]

McDonalds has tried playing music 24/7 in an effort to deter homeless people from sleeping near their outlets.[8]