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(Teacher, Politician)
Born24 March 1964
Buenos Aires
Interest ofAnn Barnhardt

Gustavo Vera is an Argentine teacher, politician, social activist, founder of the La Alameda Foundation and a close friend of Pope Francis.[1][2]


Wikipedia notes that he served as a Buenos Aires Legislator, after having headed the list of candidates for legislators of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for the UNEN Front in 2013. He is involved in union activity, he is the national coordinator of the "FRENTE NACIONAL MULTISECTORIAL 21F" and currently serves as the head of the executive committee for the fight against the trafficking and exploitation of persons and for the protection and assistance of victims under the Cabinet of Ministers.

He is a founder of the La Alameda Foundation, which officially fights against human trafficking, slave labour, child exploitation, pimping, drug trafficking and money laundering (currently on leave from the position as director according to the Spanish Wikipedia entry as of 11/2021).[3]

Allegations of human trafficking

He has been accused by Natacha Jaitt to be operating a "child prostitution" businesses under the cover of the foundation and other social welfare projects of his.

“Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts. God will do what is just, someday. Amen.”
Natacha Jaitt [4]

The blog Complicit Clergy published an interview between Jaitt and Artyom Reshetnyak from 2018 in which they discuss La Alameda and their involvement in human trafficking, slave labour, child exploitation, prostitution and drug trafficking.[5][6][7]


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