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Group.png German Marshall Fund/Young Strategists
(Deep state recruitment networkWebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FormationMarch 2012
FounderGerman Marshall Fund
InterestsJapan, Indo-Pacific region, China/Encirclement
Membership• Toshiaki Abe
• Masahiko Ando
• Isshi Asa
• Makiko Asami
• Aleja Barcelon
• Christopher Bassler
• Mark Bell
• Benedetta Berti
• Emily Bilbao
• Ida Bagus Made Bimantara
• Prodyut Bora
• Rupakjyoti Borah
• Erik Brattberg
• Kathrin Brockmann
• Alton Buland
• Rajeev Chaturvedy
• Albert Cho
• Wei Chou
• Fiona Cunningham
• Santo Darmosumarto
• Anna di Mattia
• Matteo Dian
• Ryan Evans
• Nathan Finney
• Ulrike Franke
• Nicholas Frazier
• Aoi Fujita
• Andrea Gilli
• Andrew Goodhart
• Sheena Greitens
• Kelly Grieco
• Maya Hamada
• Jeremie Hammedi
• Ryosuke Hanada
• David Hermann
• Ryo Hinata-Yamaguchi
• Taisuke Hirose
• Sadamitsu Horiguchi
• Michael Horowitz
• Eugene Huang
• Beniamino Irdi Nirenstein
• Koichi Ishii
• Björn Jerdén
• Yusuke Kamio
• Mara Karlin
• Shinya Kawada
• Frederic Kerrebroeck
• Joshua Kertzer
• Jooeun Kim
• Megumi Kito-Chigira
The CIA/deep state German Marshall Fund cultivating a cadre of emerging foreign policy leaders, with focus on East Asia

The Young Strategists Forum is a deep state recruitment network by the German Marshall Fund, seeking to develop and cultivate "a new generation of strategic thinkers for an age of constrained resources and mounting international challenges".[1]

Own words

Since its creation, the Young Strategists Forum has cultivated a vibrant network of emerging foreign policy leaders. 

The Young Strategists Forum seeks to develop a new generation of "strategic thinkers", chosen from academics, journalists, policy makers, politicians, business professionals, and military officers. Held in Tokyo since 2012, GMF has built a vibrant program centered on the theme of the US-Japan alliance and security dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region. [1]

Young Strategists Alumni

The alumni network is as of 2022[2].


Known member

1 of the 50 of the members already have pages here:

Michael HorowitzCFR. Young, spooky academic. First Bilderberg in 2018.
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