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Bilderberg/ExposureParticularly since the popularity of the WWW, the Bilderberg group has become more widely known, though commercially-controlled media generally continues to misdirect about the group.
CIA/Drug trafficking/Exposure
George H. W. Bush/ExposureGeorge H. W. Bush was a spook his entire adult life. He attempted to erase all documentary evidence of this, but a few documents escaped, and he was tripped up by steps he took to try to obscure his connection to the JFK assassination. Corporate media showed minimal interest in the story, but independent media have built a well document and coherent picture of Bush's secret life as head of the US deep state.
Le Cercle/Exposure
Operation Want
US/Deep state/ExposureSince 1963, more and more people are realising that not only was JFK killed by a conspiracy, but that the LBJ administration conspired to try to cover this up. The US deep state has less and less control of the opinions of an increasingly sceptical public who are replacing old media with the internet, and who are now aware. The US government is making increasing use of illegal violence, meaning that the US Deep State is now more exposed than ever.


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