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David Leppard is a British journalist and formerly assistant investigations editor of The Sunday Times.[1] He is the author of books on the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, the Waco siege, and Special Branch, the British counter-terrorism and national-security police.

Lockerbie investigation

According to Intel Today:

In May 1991, David Leppard published a book titled: “On the trail of terror”. Much of the book was based on the series published in the Sunday Times.

In his book [page 97], Leppard writes that:

“Detective Sergeant Ian Hazelton, from the Lockerbie Incident Control Centre, was sent to Germany to buy clocks similar to those found in the PFLP-GC flat in Neuss.”

This statement is a transparent lie. The source of this idiotic and anachronistic ‘information’ can only be Detective Sergeant Ian Hazelton himself.

Concerned by the leaks published by the Sunday Times, Detective Chief Superintendent John Orr — the Senior Investigating Officer — dispatched two officers to interview Leppard in order to discover his source.

As a result, Detective Sergeant Ian Hazelton was removed from the Lockerbie investigation.

[This incident happened very early on, possibly in April/March 1989. Contrary to what he told the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, GOLFER did not work two years on he Lockerbie investigation.][2]

Agent Boot

According to Matt Kennard, David Leppard is the journalist who broke the notorious fraudulent story on former Labour leader Michael Foot being a Soviet agent (Agent Boot) of influence.[3]


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