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The website of writer Dmitri Orlov.

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The website of writer Dmitri Orlov. Earlier articles are open, but Orlov eventually went over to a subscription model for most of his articles.


Documents sourced from ClubOrlov

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?article2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war30 August 2014Dmitry OrlovA list of the top tell-tale signs that will enable you to determine whether or not Western claims that "Russia has invaded Ukraine" are accurate.
Document:Killing DiplomacyArticleBoris Johnson
Sergei Skripal
15 March 2018Paul Craig Roberts
Dmitry Orlov
Sane people will choose politics over war, and sane – that is, competently governed – nations will choose diplomacy over belligerence and confrontation. If we look around in search of such incompetently governed nations, two examples readily present themselves: the United States and the United Kingdom.
Document:Statecraft or Witchcraft?article2014 Ukraine coup4 May 2014Dmitry OrlovEx-patriot Russian satire on the pathetic arrogance of US interference in Ukraine and its sponsorship of the February 2014 coup
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