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Julian Christine.jpg
BornChristine Ann Hawkins
ChildrenJulian Assange
SpouseRichard Brett Assange (1972-1979)

Christine Assange was born in 1951 in Australia as Christine Ann Hawkins. She was previously married to Richard Brett Assange,[1] and is the mother of politically persecuted & arbitrarily detained journalist Julian Assange.[2]

Update on Julian

Following Julian Assange's arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy by the Metropolitan Police and imprisonment on 11 April 2019, Christine Assange tweeted on 24 April 2019:

"UPDATE on JULIAN: Julian has had one video conference with his lawyers & they will visit him at Belmarsh Prison on 26 April 2019. Many thanks to all those calling for this visit from his lawyers. #ProtectJulian #FreeAssange #AbideByUNDecision #NoUSExtradition"[3]

Visit to Ecuador

Christine Assange interviewed about "The Gagging of Julian Assange"

In an interview on Australian television in August 2012, Christine Assange revealed that she had visited Ecuador and met with President Rafael Correa before the decision was taken to grant asylum to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London:

“I’ve been to Ecuador and I’ve read the constitution, two things that most of the media haven’t done. Ecuador faces the same problem faced by the majority of the world's countries.
Media that is owned by big business is against governments that want sovereignty from foreign nations, against governments that share the country’s wealth with its populace, against countries that fight for environmental rights, and against countries that have constitutions which are underscored by human rights.

“We also know that many human rights groups are sponsored by the US", she added, noting that she would take into account what human rights groups have to say about Ecuador only after they “stop sitting on the fence” and start covering events like the abuse of Julian Assange’s legal human rights by Sweden in breach of its own protocols.


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