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Membership• Elizabeth Windsor
• John Major
• Alistair Darling
• Terence James O'Neill
• Simon Fraser
• Mariot Leslie
• Ayman Asfari
• Catherine Ashton
• Shumeet Banerji
• José Manuel Barroso
• John Browne
• Nicholas Burns
• Victor Chu
• Tim Clark
• Evan Davies
• Ian Davis
• Mary Francis
• Clara Furse
• James Gaggero
• André Hoffmann
• Gay Huey Evans
• Lord Hurd
• Majid Jafar
• Judith Mayhew
• DeAnne Julius
• Michael Klein
• Ali Koç
• Caio Koch-Weser
• Marc E Leland
• Rachel Lomax
• Mark Lyall Grant
• David Manning
• Lubna Olayan
• Simon Patterson
• Michael Rake
• Lord Robertson
• Andrés Rozental
• Kevin Rudd
• Daniel Sachs
• Ron Sandler
• John Sawers
• John Berriman
• Mimi Ajibade
• Heide Baumann
• Catherine Brown
• Ann Cormack
• Kenneth Cukier
• ​Kathleen Gibbons
• Jawad Iqbal
• Anita Lowenstein
• Andrew Payne
• Lapo Pistelli
• Mark Spelman
• Tim Willasey-Wilsey
• Jasmine Zerinini
• Robin Niblett
• Rose Abdollahzadeh
• Tim Benton
• Keith Burnet
• Creon Butler
• Bernice Lee
• Patricia Lewis
• Steve Martin (Chatham House)
• Lisa O’Daly
• Caroline Usher
• Alex Vines
• Leslie Vinjamuri
• Tracey Campbell
• Olivier Lemaigre

The governers of Chatham House

Patron and Presidents (Elizabeth Windsor, John Major, Lord Darling), council, executive leadership[1] and Panel of Senior Advisers[2] at Chatham House updated per April 2020.


Known members

20 of the 69 of the members already have pages here:

Catherine AshtonA woman with zero qualification or experience of foreign affairs who, in 2009, was made 'High representative for Foreign Affairs and Security policy' in a deal which finally recognised that the position was NOT going to be given to Tony Blair
Shumeet BanerjiWEF AGMs, Senior Adviser of Chatham House, BBC non-executive director
José Manuel BarrosoBilderberg Steering committee, President of the European Commission
John BrowneSpooky UK businessman, Morgan Stanley, Le Cercle, Chatham house ...
Victor ChuHong Kong-based businessman and deep state actor. GLT 1998, Chatham house governor, WEF Trustee, Atlantic Council..
Alistair DarlingUK politician, governance of Chatham House
Ian DavisEnglish businessman associated with McKinsey & Company. Attended Bilderberg/2013.
Simon FraserFormer UK Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Deputy Chairman of Chatham House.
Mark Lyall GrantFormer senior British diplomat and National Security Adviser. Member of the Governance of the deep state think tank Chatham House.
André HoffmannMulti-billionaire big pharma and environmental conservation activist, Bilderberg, World Economic Forum Board of Trustees
Douglas HurdUK Deep state operative, Eton, Trinity College, Chatham House/President
DeAnne JuliusCIA, World Bank,Chatham House,University College London...
Mariot LeslieChatham House, UK's Permanent Representative to NATO
John MajorUK Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997.
David Manning
Robin NiblettChatham House Director/Chief executive from 2007-2022...
George RobertsonBilderberger, ex Secretary General of NATO with unknown deep political connections.
Kevin RuddHad his big break after attending first meeting of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue in 1993. Later became Prime Minister.
Daniel SachsFunctionary for George Soros.
John SawersUK diplomat and former Chief of MI6
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