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(Propagandist, Journalist)
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Born3 June 1967
Member ofWEF/Young Global Leaders/2008
Primary anchor of the CNN. Notably softballed questions to Bill Gates in 2021.
Anderson Hays Cooper is an American television journalist and the primary anchor of the CNN. Cooper was born into the wealthy Vanderbilt family. Through the social circle of his family he knew Charlie Chaplin, Lillian Gish, and George Plimpton.[1] He graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1989 and was hired by ABC News as a correspondent in 1995. He did an internship with the CIA around 1985.[2][3][4][5]


As news anchor, interviewer and on site television reporter he shapes narratives for the establishment. His 2021 interview with Bill Gates has been noted to be extremely softball, without any critical question towards Gates at all.[6]

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A Quote by Anderson Cooper

United States Intelligence Community/Privatisation“[...]child pornography — as many as 1,700 names, according to a U.S. senator, on a list of 5,200 from an Internet sting operation overlooked the first time around four years ago. Only now are they supposedly getting a second look, and only after pressure from investigative reporters and the U.S. senator you're about to hear from, Republican Charles Grassley. [...]

According to DCIS documents revealed in a Freedom of Information Act request, out of that 3,500, investigators uncovered 264 employees or contractors, including staffers for the secretary of defense and contractors at the NSA. Nine people had top security clearances.

But only about 20 percent of those 264 people were completely investigated. Fewer still were prosecuted, and about eight months — after about eight months, the entire probe was halted. It left about 1,700 names totally unchecked, 1,700 alleged kiddie porn customers, an unknown number of whom may still work in some capacity for the Defense Department.

Late last summer, after investigations by "The Boston Globe" and Yahoo! News revealed the figures, a Pentagon spokesman promised to reopen the investigation, conceding that DCIS had stopped due to lack of resources. DCIS says it is now revisiting all 5,200 names, telling Senator's Grassley staff they have now identified 302 employees or staffers. [...]

But Senator Grassley says he is still not getting the cooperation he needs from the Pentagon.”


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