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Aid worker who went to Ukraine and says he observed war crimes committed by the Azov battalion

Adrien Bocquet is a former French army soldier who in 2022 went public and said he has witnessed war crimes committed by the Azov battalion while he was working as an aid-worker in Ukraine.[1]

He now works for the DPR's representation in the JCCC (Joint Monitoring and Co-ordination Center on Ukraine’s War Crimes).[2]

Earlier life

He was paraplegic from an injury and had a neurostimulator implanted which helped him to be able to walk again.[3] A video about his improving situation was published on the YT channel of France 3 on July 23, 2021.[4]


Interviewed on one of the programs on France’s Sud Radio on May 10, 2022 he said:[5][6][7]

“There, on the spot I saw war crimes. I saw a lot of war crimes. The only crimes I saw during the days I was there were perpetrated by Ukrainian forces”,

In late September 2022 he was attacked in Istanbul.[8] In a later interview he said the attack was an assassination attempt organized by the SBU;[9] also that evidence he had collected has been seized by the French police.

A person commenting on Youtube remarked:[10]

He states he went to Ukraine around mid-April and saw "the reality of Bucha', but this is when Bucha was de-occupied, so it’s difficult to understand what he saw there. He says he has videos, but he has never published or distributed any videos. I would be cautious with his claims.

StopFake (a website that may be willing to whitewash any Ukrainian war crime) recorded that:[11] Over the course of an hour he told host Andre Bercoff (Sud Radio) [12] that the crimes in Bucha were not at all the work of the Russian occupiers, but “war crimes of the Azov regiment.” He also claimed that American journalists who were in Bucha with him filmed staged videos, while Ukrainian soldiers used dead bodies of civilians to stage the “massacre in Bucha.”

These details appear to be an amalgamation of what alternative media sources, like Gonzalo Lira,[13][14] have reported in the immediate aftermath of the Bucha massacre; in interviews he said that he has handed over the evidence to relevant authorities.[15]


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