Westland New Post

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Group.png Westland New Post  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
FormationMarch 1981
FounderPaul Latinus
ExtinctionApril 1984
Interest ofPhilippe Brewaeys
Membership• Paul Latinus
• Marcel Barbier
• [[..|...]]
An offshoot of Gladio in Belgium, with an unclear connection to the Brabant Massacres

The Westland New Post was a Belgian group from the early 1980s which was mentioned by Allan Francovich in his 1992 film on Operation Gladio. It folded when Latinus was found dead, supposedly a suicide.[citation needed]


The group appears to have been NATO-backed, and infiltrated by an agent of the Belgian State Security Service, Christian Smets.

Police Interest

As recently as October 2014, Michel Libert, the former no. 2 of the WNP was interrogated by Belgian police as regards the Brabant Massacres, but was not charged.