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Group.png Libertarian Party  
(Political party)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Libertarian Party.png
Formation11 December 1971
Headquarters1444 Duke St, Alexandria, Virginia
Owner ofLPedia
American Libertarian party.

The Libertarian Party is a political party in the United States.



The Libertarian National Committee runs the party.




Party Members

Whitney Bilyeu1980American Libertarian, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee (2021 to 2022).
Caryn Ann Harlos18 October 1967American Libertarian, serving as secretary of the Libertarian National Committee.
Gary Johnson1 January 1953Governor of New Mexico 1995-2003. Libertarian candidate in the US/2016 Presidential election.
John McAfee18 September 194524 June 2021Computer scientist who announced a campaign against the US Deep State. Committed "suicide" in a jail in Spain after his wife had warned that the authorities wanted him dead.
Ron Paul20 August 1935US politician who "almost certainly never was a totally independent player"
Dave Smith1988American libertarian comedian.
Robert Steele16 July 195229 August 2021American spook who became a "conspiracy theorist" and died of COVID.
Peter Thiel11 October 1967Billion financier, Bilderberger
Bill Weld31 July 1945
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