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Interests • 9-11
• 9-11/Air Defence
• 9-11/Drills
• 9-11/Flight 93
• encirclement of Russia
German Air Force officer critical of the ON on 911

Hans-Jochen Scholz was an officer of the German Air Force who served until 2000.[1][2] He became a critical observer of NATO and politics in general when in the run up to the the war against Yugoslavia he noticed, that first hand intelligence that he had to look at as part of his job, did not ad up to what politicians were declaring publicly at the time.[3][4][5]


Documents by Jochen Scholz

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:National Missile Defense-Jochen Scholzinterview30 January 2011Nuclear war
Global missile defense
Excerpted from a NuoViso interview with Lieutenant-Colonel Jochen Scholz on the American missile defense in Europe and the real reason why it is placed there.
Document:Norad-911-Jochen Scholzinterview30 January 20119-11/Air Defence
9-11/Flight 93
Excerpted from a NuoViso interview with Lieutenant-Colonel Jochen Scholz of the German air force on 911 and the war on terror.



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