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Group.png Highlands Forum
(Military-industrial complexWebsiteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Founder• Richard P. O'Neill
• Andrew W. Marshall
HeadquartersWashington DC, Carmel Highlands
Interestsinformation warfare
Membership• SAIC
• Booz Allen Hamilton
• Cisco
• Humane Genome Sciences
• eBay
• PayPal
• Google
• Microsoft
• AT&T
• the BBC
• Disney
• General Electric
• Enron
• Daniel Yergin
• IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates
• David Ignatius
• Thomas Friedman
• Arnaud de Borchgrave
• Steven Levy
• Lawrence Wright
• Noah Schachtmann
• Rebecca McKinnon
• Nik Gowing
• John Markoff
• Clay Shirky
• Mitch Waldrop
• Luma Khatib
• Ben Gross
• Gary Santaniello
• Nick Bauer
• Sun Microsystems
• Michele Quaid
• Joan Dempsey
The Highlands Forum brings together select people interactions between policy and technology. It has played an instrumental role in incubating the idea of mass surveillance as a mechanism to dominate information on a global scale.

The Highlands Forum (also Highlands Group) is an informal network sponsored by the Pentagon with a common interest in information, science, and technology and their impact on global and societal activities.[1] The participants are embedded in "a longstanding shadow network of political, industry, media and corporate officials that sit invisibly behind the seat of government, yet literally write its foreign and domestic national security policies whether the administration is Democrat of Republican, by contributing 'ideas' and forging government-industry relationships." [2]

The Highlands Forum has played an instrumental role in incubating the idea of mass surveillance as a mechanism to dominate information on a global scale,[2] and has also contributed heavily to the War on Terror and other concepts.


It was founded 1994 by retired US navy captain Dick O’Neill and financed by the Pentagon. Its biggest successes have been in the development of high-tech network-based warfare."[3]

As an international consulting network, it has been termed an "intellectual capital venture firm" with extensive experience assisting corporations, organizations, and government leaders frame issues and consider alternatives in the achievement of their objectives. For more than 20 years the Forum has provided an off the record space for some of the most prominent members of the shadow intelligence community to convene with senior US government officials, alongside leaders in other relevant industries.[4][2]

Total participants in the DoD's Highlands Forum number over a thousand, although sessions largely consist of small closed workshops of 25-30 people, bringing together experts and officials depending on the subject. Delegates have included senior personel from SAIC and Booz Allen Hamilton, RAND Corp, Cisco,Humane Genome Sciences, eBay, PayPal, IBM, Google, Microsoft, AT&T, the BBC, Disney, General Electric, Enron, among many others.[2]



Known members

14 of the 35 of the members already have pages here:

AT&TThe world's largest telecommunications company and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the USA
Arnaud de BorchgraveSpooky journalist
DisneyHuge mass media corporation.
Enron"America's Most Innovative Company" for six consecutive years, especially in the accounting department. Massive bankruptcy in December 2001
Thomas FriedmanCFR, TLC, two Bilderbergs
GoogleGlobal Internet/Skynet conglomerate
Nik GowingUK Deep state connected TV journalist
David IgnatiusAttender of spooky "security" conferences
MicrosoftStarted in 1975 with Paul Allen, Bill Gates developed Microsoft from a operating system maker of computers into one of the most prolific companies of all time, valued over $1 trillion, 3rd most valuable in the world. MS has over a billion in fines from corruption, mass surveillance violations & tax evasion. MS has market shares in dozens of markets, leading in the Platformization-epidemic of the 2010s started by big tech. It was the first partner in the NSA-PRISM program.
PayPalOnline payment website
Science Applications International CorporationA company which specializes in complex engineering and technology programs for U.S. military and intelligence agencies
Lawrence Wright
Daniel YerginUS Bilderberger economist
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