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(9-11/Dissident, 9-11/Premature death)
Danny Jowenko.jpg
Born14 December 1955
Died16 July 2011 (Age 55)
Cause of death
Car crash
Victim ofAssassination
Controlled demolition expert who was famously interviewed about the destruction of WTC7, later suddenly died

Danny Jowenko was a Dutch expert in controlled demolition who testified on film in September 2006 when interviewed by a Dutch filmmaker[1] that the destruction of WTC7 could only be due to controlled demolition.[2][3]

He later reiterated his original opinion about the destruction of WTC7.[1]


Alan Sabrosky said in a radio interview in 2010, that his skepticism of the official 9-11 story was prompted by Danny Jowenko's testimony.[4]

Sabrosky reiterated this in a July 13th 2011 interview.[5]


The site of Danny Jowenko's death

He died in a single car crash on a straight road in the village of Serooskerke, the Netherlands, on 16th July 2011.[6]

Abreu Report headlined an article on 2nd March 2016 originally entitled 9/11 Whistleblower Murdered on Dutch Soil by US Intelligence, later retitled Deep State Murders 9/11 Whistleblower on Dutch Soil.[7]

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