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Wikispooks has SemanticForms, as provided by the Semantic Forms extension.


This extension adds the Form: namespace for containing semantic forms. These are closely tied to Semantic Templates, the fields of the form corresponding with the parameters of the template. The first Form defined on Wikispooks - defined before the current intensive SMW development began - was Form:WpPage for creating a Wikipedia+ page, together with corresponding template Template:WpPage.


These are a low priority for development, since most users have learned to input templates just by typing text. However, they might encourage new users to input data in the semantic format. The best developed of the modern forms (and in a usable state) is Form:Document

Making Forms

This is actually a much simpler task than one might think, since the SemanticForms extension comes with a wizard (accessible via the Create With Form tab). Just pick a template and a GUI is available to create a basic functional form. No text editing is required!

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