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US Presidential Elections take place every 4 years.

Importance to US Deep state

Since the 1963 Assassination of John F. Kennedy, The Cabal has controlled almost all the subsequent US Presidents, the exceptions being Richard Nixon (in his second term) and Jimmy Carter.[1]



Page nameDescription
US/1952 Presidential Election
US/1968 Presidential election
US/1972 Presidential Election
US/1976 Presidential Election
US/1980 Presidential ElectionRonald Reagan was elected after the October Surprise organised by his US Deep state backers.
US/1984 Presidential Election
US/1988 Presidential election
US/1992 Presidential election
US/2000 Presidential Election"The never-ending election of 2000"
US/2004 Presidential ElectionBush vs Kerry (both Skull & Bones)
US/2008 Presidential election"in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America"
US/2012 Presidential electionBarack Obama was re-elected
US/2016 Presidential ElectionThe one time Russia managed to decide the American election; bypassing all intelligence agencies with a then 50 billion budget.
US/2020 Presidential electionJoe Biden replaced Donald Trump as President of the United States of America.


Related Quotation

Eugene Debs“The worker who votes the Republican or Democratic ticket does worse than throw away his vote. He is a deserter of his class and his own worst enemy, though he may be in blissful ignorance of the fact that he is false to himself and his fellow workers, and that sooner or later he must reap what he has sown.”Eugene Debs