Thomas Hamilton

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"“Lone nut”"
Person.png Thomas Hamilton  Rdf-icon.png
(shopkeeper, deep state functionary?)
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Born 1952-05-10
Glasgow, Scotland
Died 13 March 1996 (Age 43)
Criminal status
Children (Template:Children details)
Parents • Thomas Watt Hamilton Sr.
• Agnes Graham Hamilton
Victim of premature death
Supposed perpetrator of Dunblane school massacre
A "lone nut" who shot a class of primary children and their teacher before turning the gun on himself.

Thomas Hamilton died at Dunblane.

Official narrative

Thomas Hamilton was a former shopkeeper who became a "lone nut" who in 1996 murdered a class of schoolchildren and their teacher.

Deep political connections

In the 1980s, Bilderberger George Robertson, who lived in Dunblane, had complained to fellow Member of Parliament, Michael Forsyth, about Hamilton's local boys' club, which his son had attended. On the day following the Dunblane school massacre, Robertson spoke of having argued with Hamilton "in my own home".[1]


Full article: VIPaedophile

Some have suggested that Hamilton was involved in a VIPaedophile ring which supplied pornography, and possibly young boys, to senior policemen and politicians, and that he may have been murdered to shut him up.[2]