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AgentTorange, Christmas1994

Media bias/fact check (mbfc) has an article about patribotics saying it leans right. the author of the article points out that the founder of patribotics was a member of the "conservative party" in British Parliament. The person who wrote the mbfc article clearly based the right leaning assumption solely off the fact that the founder was a "conservative" member of british parliament, thinking conservative in england meant the same thing it does in the USA. The liberal bias of patribotics glares through even every headline. you dont even have to read the articles to see it. Really goes to show the quality of person they have writing over at mbfc. I mean, that's impressive, how fucking retarded the person who wrote that mbfc article must be. I bet they still work there. AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 04:17, 8 December 2022 (UTC)

I am procrastinating a lot on here. what i mean is, doing dumb shit instread of articles. i don't know why. how do i break this cycle? AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 03:45, 8 December 2022 (UTC)

I had this link bookmarked, its a june 25 1979 copy of the schenctady gazette. if you look to the top right of the right page the link brings you to, there is an article called ex-moonie warns of cult use of destructive mind control.


I can't get the image to blow up enough to read it though, maybe someone else will have more luck



The Crispin glover article here had me pretty stoked cuz it mentioned this crazy letter[1] Glover supposedly wrote that was about Stephen Spielberg being a pedo among othe things, I mean it was mostly just bashing spielbeg.

So i read "the letter" on some website (and it is convincingly written). and I'm like "holy fuck." i cant believe i never heard of this shit, so i start looking for "what is it" the letter, and get sucked into reading aticle after article on the "What Is It?" 'movie.'

an hour later, I'm comparing differences between saves of crispin's personal site, when I'm like "wait, what about the letter?" No article ive seen claims to have the whole thing published, and they all publish the same long snippet, pointing out how long it is. So, with this falsehood in particular. It's clever because it attaches it self to a very bizzarre film, which, once you start checking that out, you just kind of assume like "yeah the guy who made this movie def wrote that letter." but he didn't (im petty sure)

So don't get too distracted and lose sight of your goals, cuz if i had stuck to finding the letter, i prob coulda saved at least 30 minutes reading about a movie i'll never watch (i might still watch. it looks weird af)

Here's some Glover straight dope

He did entertain me for what ended up being around 4 hours of show, and I gave him a set of Final Justice Jesus magnets (which he thanked me for, but refused to hold up. He said he didn’t like to hold products in photos, and I understand that). I bought one of his posters of a Nazi-dominatrix Shirley Temple holding a whip up her cunt while standing in front of a red Nazi Flag with a huge Swastika on it. I figured I could find the CD another day, but this was my one chance to get the poster. source: [2]

eye on the prize dummies. i on the preyes

If it tuns out this letter actually is fr, im deleting my irl account AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 00:21, 5 December 2022 (UTC)

^ What i hate most about this story is that the blogger who wrote is a total dweeb, and he clearly told crispin to hold up those things he gave crispin for the photo, this nerd did it and didnt even feel the need to blog about doing it, while I know i'd only feel comofortable telling someone i idolize to do anything like that depending on the day. AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 02:22, 5 December 2022 (UTC)


Ok we've got some new links in the crispin glover talk pages, Two of them look convicing at first, but upon closer inspection are not. Also odd the only two mainstream mentions u can find of this letter are 2 articles written 2 days apart by 2 different authors working for 2 different newspapers based in toronto, What are the odds they werent in touch about this and thats just a coincidence? not very good i dont think!! AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 09:02, 6 December 2022 (UTC)

the crispin article has been deleted now, cuz the fake letter i guess was the only relevant thing about him. Although I do find his infatuation with the Czech Republic is somewhat suspect. AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 06:13, 7 December 2022 (UTC)

Bone Up Time

Wikilinks (internal links)


A wikilink (or internal link) is a link from one page to another page within the English Wikipedia, or, more general, within the same Wikipedia (e.g. within the French Wikipedia), in other words: within the same domain, or, even more general, within the same Wikimedia project (e.g. within Wiktionary).

Links are enclosed in doubled square brackets:

  • [[1234]] is seen as "1234" in text and links to (the top of) page "1234".

Use a vertical bar "|" (the "pipe" symbol) to create a link which appears as a term other than the name of the target page. Links of this kind are said to be "piped". The first term inside the brackets is the title of the page you would be taken to (the link target), and anything after the vertical bar is what the link looks like for the reader on the original page (the link label). For example:

  • [[a|b]] appears as "b" but links to page "a", thus: b.

See Help:Pipe trick for how to generate some common forms of piped links without typing text after the "|".

Letters and other non-punctuation text immediately (i.e. without space) after the closing brackets of a wikilink becomes part of the label (means: is shown in the same colour as the label) without changing the target. This is useful for plurals and verb forms which only add something at the end. For example:

  • [[apple]]s generates apples, linking to apple, and is equivalent to but more convenient than [[apple|apples]].

But this not only saves the active editor time but it also makes the code easier to be read. The latter is why it should always be done where applicable.

More complicated examples:

  • [[a|b]]c gives bc, equivalent to [[a|bc]] .
  • a[[b]] gives ab. There are no special rules for text preceding a wikilink.
  • If you want the "a" in front in the colour of the link, you have to write
    [[b|ab]] gives ab.
  • [[a]]:b gives a:b since the rule doesn't apply to punctuation.
    This does the right thing for possessives, like [[Batman]]'s gives Batman's.
  • [[a]]''b'' gives ab. (Double apostrophes turn on and off italics.)
  • Even italics in the link: [[a|a''b'']] gives ab, but, of course, in colour.
  • [[a]]<nowiki />b gives ab. The nowiki tag turns off the rule.
  • [[a|b]]<nowiki />c gives bc.

The link target is case-sensitive except for the first character (so [[atom]] links to "Atom" but [[ATom]] does not, it links to another page).

If the target of a wikilink does not exist, it is displayed in r


You are Encouraged to Scribble Here, As long as its not Retarded

Please feel free to free association write about anything wikispooks related or even wikispooks adjacent below. Best to think as little as possible and just start typing about what you think, feel, wonder, hope, don't understand... about whatever

your unfiltered thoughts here, please

I stll havent heard a logical explanation for why Nixon ended the Vietnam war then opened up China for Trade just a couple years later. Like, i dont think he even got anything out of it.

Nixon, interesting tidbit, his first VP, spirrow agnew, resigned over some bullshit campaign finance scandal that was proven to be bullshit after the fact, Then nixon resigns over a scandal most scholars today agree he probably shouldnt have been held responsible for, the negative reputation lingers though, its weird, the news loves to bring up watergate and lie by omission about that. Nixon had a creepy voice, that's his biggest downfall in the modern age. I've listened to a lot of his tapes and he seems like a decent person. I think he may have been as deceent as kennedy even. Imagine two decent people running for president today? you can't even fathom it.

i'm signing mine, you don't have to sign here if u dont wanna. I won't tell, but Robin and Jun can prob still see who wrote it. AgentTorange (talk) {my key} 06:34, 7 December 2022 (UTC)

My Application/Bio


My Key

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To preserve formatting you have to put a space before the first nowiki, same thing to turn a hyphen into what is essentiall a blockquote with a gray background, I wonder if there's a way to do that with the hyphen, but then make the hypen disappear?

You can do a single space at the beginning of a line, with no hyphen or anything, to get a block quote with a gray background:

(pretend this is one space)like this

like that

the text has to begin on the same line as the first nowik in this case aswell

I am so retarded, the formatting was fucked up cuz the window wasnt maximized, u can just do this with "pre"


DNMs only multiply

- ^ 

I guess if I can bring anything unique to the table on wikispooks it is an ingratiation with dark web communities and understanding of important dark web events, respectively fostered and gained over years of observing and discussing such matters with fellow dark web "denizens," as we call ourselves. 

I. I have not seen many articles pertaining to such matters here, but would be willing to start some of my own if they are relevant. I think where these matters seem most relevant is with respect to surveillance (people getting caught breaking the law on the dark web online despite the added security of tor, for instance), the drug war, the posibility that clandestine elements in our governments may be involved in the proliferation of child abuse content online, over tor. Investigative Techniques, and parallel reconstruction

II. One incident that comes to mind is the somewhat widely report FBI seizure of what was at the time a popular cp site (playpen i think it was called), and the FBI's decision to unilaterally operate that site for some 2 weeks, with the justification of catching more cp watchers, and the subsequent disintegration and dismissal of nearly every case related to those arrests; as a result of the FBI's refusal to disclose the exact "investigative technique" (IT) used to unmask all the alleged cp users they did. Whether or not this effected the case of the operator of that site himself, i am unsure. 

III. Investigative techniques that have been exposed or explained in some sort of coherent detail

In addition to that, I have a large repository containing quite a few documents that i think while obviously not unheard of, are probably mostly unknown or widely forgotten. 

I have also almost finished reading UFOS and the National Security State by Richard M. Dolan and concluded counter to the case Dolan lays out in his book, which i still think is fantastic, that the Extra-terrestial explanation for UFOS is probably a government smokescreen created entirely to let them test advanced aircraft in public places (so many accounts of these things flashing all different colored lights, why would an alien need colorful lights on his spaceship? and how did they manage to never get reported on the news).I think the lack of news coverage on most of the phenomena is certainly more evidence of a more entangled Deep State-MSM relationship than most people realise

There was also an article about a Secret meeting room or somethin hillary clinton had when she was SoS (the 42nd floor or something) and thre was a big todo about it in many like-minded places, very little information could be found about it, in fact I think the original source revelation was a vague mention in a wikileaks document, but i came across a politico aritcle a while back predating that wikileak, which described that exact room as secretive, though innocuously, as where her team about immigration would meet, or something, id have to dig the article up again, but it would provide an explanation for what was once a popular hildog mystery and i think the politico article predating the leak lends much more to its veracity.