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Headquarters Qamishli (capital city)

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious alliance of mainly Kurdish and Arab militias which was founded in October 2015 in the city of Al-Hasakah with the aim of fighting to create a secular, democratic and federal Syria, along the lines of Kurdistan's Rojava region in Northern Syria.[1]

In August 2017, the US-backed SDF began preparations for a military offensive against Deir Ezzor to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from re-establishing military control over the oil rich-territory.[2]


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How did the US rename a terror group to work with itArticle24 January 2018Murat YetkinSo Mr Tillerson, contrary to what CENTCOM and Brett McGurk keep telling you, the Syrian Democratic Forces are not a “truly multi-ethnic” group of freedom fighters uniting against ISIL barbarism. The handful of Arab tribes in the SDF are there for cosmetic purposes only, as part an effort to cover up cooperation between US forces and a group that your administration official designates a “terrorist group.”


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