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(spook, diplomat, deep state operative)
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A screenshot and subtitle from the Al Jazeera footage.
Born14 November 1985

Shai Masot is a spy who worked for the Israeli embassy in London as well as Israel's Ministry of Strategic Affairs (a controversial ministry tasked with countering the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) before resigning in January 2017.[1]

Shai Masot served in the Israeli navy for eight years rising to the rank of Major. He gained a Masters degree in International Relations, and then worked for the Defence Ministry in Israel for two years before moving to the embassy in London.[2]


Shai Masot was a senior political officer at the Israeli Embassy in London in January 2017.


In January 2017 Al Jazeera published footage of him in conversation with a British parliamentary staffer, Maria Strizzolo, discussing "taking down" UK MPs, including Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt.[3]

Cover up

Wikipedia user Explicit deleted Shai Masot's page on 15 March 2017.[4]

On 12 January 2017, a spokesman for the Ministry for Stategic Affairs told the Middle East Eye:

"Masot resigned three days ago and I want to emphasise that Masot will not have any contact with the Ministry for Strategic Affairs in the near future."
"We consider that this scandal is now done and behind us."[5]

Corbyn demands official inquiry

On 13 January 2017, Jeremy Corbyn wrote to Theresa May demanding an inquiry into the alleged plots by Shai Masot which represent an attempt to "undermine the integrity of our democracy":

"Such improper interference in this country's democratic process is unacceptable, whichever country is involved.
"Members of Parliament must have the freedom to hold and express a view, without fear that they could be subject to attempts to discredit them by diplomatic or other representatives of another state."
"This is clearly a national security issue. I would therefore ask that you treat the matter as such and launch an inquiry into the extent of this improper interference.
"It is only on that basis that Parliament and the public will be reassured that such activities will not be tolerated by your government."[6]


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