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I have read through the references again, I do not find one explicit mention of P. Raffa[1][2] being the person that went up that day. Only some allusion to that,[3] but nothing specific. This may have been different back in the day, when all information was published on websites initially ... but I don't remember anything on that case. Does anybody else? Is there something more conclusive to reference? Not saying heart attack at 44 is not suspicious, but as it is, I would put it differently in the article ("might have been one of the pilots that were ordered to intercept...").

A "Scott Reed" is mentioned as a pilot from Toledo from a reliable source.[4]

The text (and conclusion) currently in the article appears to be from here. Which may have copied that from another source. From his 2001 obituary:

"A lieutenant colonel in the Ohio Air National Guard and an F-16 pilot, Mr. Raffa was the full-time commander of operations for the 180th. His responsibilities included training and keeping the wing's 17 F-16s combat-worthy.",[5]

which does not exclude flying but still, I don't see how that can be said with the sources given. Or is it just the wording and the article only intends to say he was Commander of Operations 180th, and planes from there did the intercept?

-- Sunvalley (talk) 16:12, 23 May 2021 (UTC)


I can't find anything online and 11/9 is not one of my strong areas, so I'll make a mental note to pay attention if I come across his name in a book or similar. Terje (talk)--

Thanks. Whatever there was (in terms of more substantial info), it is not on live webpages anymore. As it is I don't see a direct connection, but would still leave it as "911 premature death" for now. I will adjust Flight 93 some more. -- Sunvalley (talk) 17:37, 24 May 2021 (UTC)