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Concept.png Paedophile 
(Sociopathy,  Pedophocracy,  Sexual blackmail,  Statecraft,  Mind control/Child Abuse)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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A paedophile is a person who has a sexual preference for prepubescent children, generally under the age of 13. This attraction to children is considered a mental disorder.

“[...] back in 2007-2008, just like with the show, Perverted Justice, or Catch a Predator,[1] [...] well there's a lot of us doing stuff like that back then, [...] and people still do it, they pretend to be young girls and all that, and as a proof of concept, as a test back in 2007 I did this and tricked the perp, the pedophile, into calling my number which turned out to be the number of the local Brooklyn New York police station. And then I told them, look you've just called that number, they've got that on file, I can send this to them right now, unless you do what I tell you to do, [...] I now have this guy's life in my hands, because I can send that to the police station and he's going down. So alternatively, if I were say, someone who wanted to build up a slave army of pedophiles, in order to achieve certain ends, I could say now here's what you have to do, you have to do the same thing I just did to you to three other people. Tell each one of them to do it to three other people and then down the line when I'm ready for you to do the actual work, I'll provide instructions, [...]”
Barrett Brown (Jun 9, 2022)  [2]

lawlessamerica YT channel - December 2, 2012 - Congressional Testimony: Debra Grant to Bill Windsor of Lawless America



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Jeffrey EpsteinBillionaire who flew famous people on the Lolita Express to lavish parties on one a private island, which the locals dubbed "Orgy Island" or "Padeophile Island". A compulsive pedophile, he was convicted in 2008, given a cushy plea deal by use of deep state pressure. However, after this declared illegal in February 2019, after which people attempted to distance themselves from him. Re-arrested in June 2019, he was reportedly found dead of a "suicide" in prison although questions remain about this.
Eric JoyceFormer very expensive and scatty Shadow Minister convicted of assaulting MPs, teenagers, airport staff, drunk driving and child pornography that he "tried to find more of when drunk".
Imran Ahmad Khan
Lawrence E. KingProsecuted for fraud but not for the Franklin child prostitution ring. Wikipedia removed his page.
Philip LyonA senior and trusted aide of Tony Blair who was found guilty of child pornography.
Ed van ThijnMayor of Amsterdam, shadow-cabinet founder, suspected paedophile in a underage sex-ring with Prince Claus and Onno Ruding.
VIPaedophileAllegations of pedophilia amongst the most senior positions in society are persistent in many countries, as is the pattern of official denial, losing documents, sudden deaths of researchers and failure to prosecute.
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