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Concept.png Sociopathy 
(personality disorder,  character disturbance)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Interest ofRobert Hare
Sociopaths are either run-of-the-mill narcissists turned malignant - or successful, i.e conniving psychopaths hiding their core traits from public view

Sociopaths are character disordered people who have learned to express their psychopathic traits in a non-arrestable way, i.e

  • "white color" Wallstreet type criminals
  • sexual predators and pedophiles who take precautions not to be caught
  • abuse of infants, children, elderly or disabled by caretakers
  • some cult and religious leaders
  • abuse by proxy (letting others do the dirty work for them)[1]

In the forensic literature the term is used to describe moderately to highly psychopathic (22-30 points PCL-R) individuals who have learned - for selfish reasons - to channel their extreme grandiosity and aggression in socially "acceptable" ways.

Yet another pathway to psychopathic behaviours which become deeply ingrained is beeing trained to accept sado-masochistic pleasures [2] , deception and betrayal, for example by programs for child soldiers, (psychopathic) parents or elite soldiers. [3] [4] [5]

People trained in such a way may become suitable subjects for forced teaming. For the method of evocation of a proxy, see: Wangh, The Evocation of a Proxy. [1]



Page nameDescription
Sexual blackmailA long established tactic used to exert covert control over specific individuals.
VIPaedophileAllegations of pedophilia amongst the most senior positions in society are persistent in many countries, as is the pattern of official denial, losing documents, sudden deaths of researchers and failure to prosecute.


Related Quotations

Psychopathy“Even in the face of contrary evidence, the psychopath can lie so well that listeners doubt themselves first, rather than question the psychopath.”Robert Hare
Paul Babiak
Psychopathy/Psychopathy and staged events“It is only beneath the surface, well hidden from view, that darker tendencies lie.”Robert Hare
Paul Babiak
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