Organisation for Propaganda Studies

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Group.png Organisation for Propaganda Studies
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Founder• David Miller
• Piers Robinson
Membership• Daniel Broudy
• T.J Coles
• Lars Jorgensen
• Jeffery Klaehn
• Ben Lindsley
• Angela MacGray
• Jake Mason
• Michael Quinn
• Dr Greg Simons
conducts rigorous academic research and analysis of propaganda

The Organisation for Propaganda Studies (OPS) facilitates and conducts rigorous academic research and analysis of propaganda, both historical and contemporary. Propaganda is a manipulative form of persuasion that is frequently found across political, economic, and security domains in authoritarian states as well as in liberal democracies.[1]


The OPS was incorporated on 22 November 2017 and lists three directors: Dr David Miller, Professor Mark Crispin Miller and Dr Piers Robinson.[2]


  • Professor Daniel Broudy (Okinawa Christian University)
  • Dr T.J Coles (Plymouth Institute for Peace Research)
  • Lars Jorgensen (Sociologist)
  • Dr Jeffery Klaehn (Independent Scholar)
  • Ben Lindsley (MA Philosophy, Southern Illinois University)
  • Angela MacGray, (BA)
  • Jake Mason (PhD candidate, University of Sheffield)
  • Michael Quinn (PhD candidate, University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Greg Simons, (Associate Professor, University of Uppsala)

Eliot Higgins tweets

On 4 December 2018, Eliot Higgins tweeted:

"Piers Robinson, a member of @sheffielduni's 'Organisation for Propaganda Studies' is a 9/11 Truther, and a fan of conspiracy theories.[3]

Bush banner.jpg

Robinson replies

Piers Robinson replied on Twitter:

"And please do refer your readers to … and . They will be very interested! Professor Piers Robinson"[4]