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(spook?, deep state functionary?)
File:Laura Jordan Dietrich.jpg
Born21 May 1952
Chicago, Illinois
Alma materStephens College
Parents • Leon Hubert Jordan
• Mary Catherine (Kuhter) Jordan
Member ofJeffrey Epstein/Black book, Knights of Malta, Le Cercle
A spooky US government insider

Laura Jordan Dietrich is the wife of Paul George Dietrich (her second marriage) who now[When?] runs Foxhall Investments, but is best known today as a professional lobbyist working for Philip Morris, British-American Tobacco and the US Tobacco Institute.

During the Reagan Administration she was the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs under John Bolton (who as US Secretary of State was running USAID). Bolton elevated her to be the US representative on the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. She is a member of the Knights of Malta (which her husband and his partner ran for the Catholic Church)

More recently she has been outed by an employee (quoting her husband [[1]]) as a trainer of CIA agents. She has also attended deep state milieu such as Le Cercle. She has supported her husband in his many lobbying activities and financial scam operation.

Family and Career

She was educated at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri in 1973.[1]

On December 5, 1978, she married Paul Dietrich who was a one-term Missouri Assemblyman who had established a think-tank and publishing house for lobbyists called the National Center for Legislative Research in St Louis (later shifted to Washington DC).

He was then associated with a couple of other Missouri Republican politicians (Samuel Landfather and others promoting extreme supply-side/ultra-Libertarian policies).


1976 Nov - 1980 Nov: Paul Dietrich was a member of the State legislature Missouri General Assembly, St. Louis,

1977-81: Laura Jordan (divorcee with two children) claims to have been the Director of the Republican lobby group, the National Center for Legislative Research, St. Louis. Until she married the director, she was probably only an employee. (Note the NCLR was then in St Louis - later Washington) This was a Republican think-tank which ran publication-for-pay operation for lobbyists. The NCLR had three divisions (State Federal and International) and published cheap journals for each which were sent free to legislators and thought-leaders with articles written by shills for various industries.

1978: Paul Dietrich, while still running the NCLR had established a power base in the Missouri Council for Economic Development.

1978 Dec 5: Paul George Dietrich and Laura Jordan married.

1979: While still in the Assembly Paul Dietrich began a publication business with Legislative Policy a quarterly journal on supply-side economics; also a monthly policy journal International Policy, and the Journal of Economic Growth edited by Spencer Reibman (Professor of economics at Georgia State Uni, Atlanta) . These publications are give-aways with a mailing list in the order of (claimed) 3,000 to 5,000. They are all funded by selling editorial space to corporate lobbyists wishing to influence legislators Laura Jordan Dietrich says she is editor: (monographs) of Legislative Policy, State Anti-Trust Laws, (1979), and Public Employee Collective Bargaining,

1980: Laura Jordan Dietrich says she was editor of Nuclear Energy: The Legislative Issues,

1980 (Early): Paul Dietrich says he is running for Congress (later abandoned). Instead he ran the Fund for a Conservative Majority [2] with Jack Kemp and Ken Boehm. This was a major fund-raiser for Reagan's Presidency, and all corporate donations were transferred to the Ronald Reagan Fund. This operation was intertwined with the National Legal and Policy Center (NCLP) and the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). Later in this year, the Conservative Majority Fund spent over $2 million on Reagan's behalf in the Federal primary and general elections. [Note: as quoted in Elizabeth Drew, Politics and Money: The New Road to Corruption.]

1980 Nov: Paul Dietrich begins lobbying for the tobacco industry (Dated from document archives) through the NCLR.

1980-84: Paul Dietrich was president, of the Citizens for Reagan, Washington, a fund-raising group during Reagan's first Presidential period to fund his second 1984-85 campaign.

1981 Jan 20: Ronald Reagan becomes president (until Jan 1989)

1981 Jan: Paul and Laura leave Missouri and move to Washington DC to exploit their political connections with the White House. He is now working also with the Scaife/Koch-funded conservative think-tank American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) [3]

1981: Laura Jordan Dietrich says she was involved in "The Proposed Washington D.C. Amendment, 1981"[clarification needed]

1981-89: Laura and Paul Dietrich were now running the National Center for Legislative Research, out of Washington, DC (NCLR)

1981-82: Laura Jordan Dietrich says that during this year she was also the Congressional liaison, for the U.S. Department Labor in Washington,

1982: Paul Dietrich later claims to be Editor of A Guide to American Foreign Policy. (Also claimed in 1984)

1982: Paul Dietrich claimed later to be associated with ex-ILO Secretary General (now a lawyer) David A Morse in established the Institute for International Health & Development (IIHD) at the Catholic University of America. This was created as a front for Philip Morris. It is doubtful that he was a founder, however he worked with David Morse a few years later and Morse ran the IIHD. The Dietriches took over from Dec 1988, shortly before Morse's death. This was a bogus organisation — a front for Philip Morris, used to attack the World Health Organisation.

1982-83: Laura Jordan Dietrich was deputy director external relations, Agency for International Development, Washington, [USAID]. In this position she was the assistant to Covington & Burling lawyer, John Bolton, who had become the Reagan Administration's general counsel for USAID (1981-1982). He then became the assistant administrator for program and policy coordination, USAID in 1982-1983.

1982-85: Laura Jordan Dietrich says she is a director Foundation Management Inc., Washington. FMI is an Oklahoma based company serving private foundations, charitable organizations and nonprofit communities across the United States. The Dietrich's were probably running this division of a Libertarian think-tank network on the side.

1983: Laura Jordan Dietrich is now the highest-ranking woman in the US State Department (another timeline says she was the Special Assistant to Secretary, Department Interior, Washington.)

1984-87: Laura Jordan Dietrich is the deputy assistant secretary state [for Human Rights], U.S. Department State, Washington,

1984: Paul Dietrich joined the board of directors of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, (SMOM = Knights of Malta … they award American papal knighthoods) David Morse is virtually running the operation

1984 Nov-1987: Paul Dietrich is now Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the Saturday Review [4] magazine, which is secretly owned by Philip Morris. This was the national glossy colour magazine of this day (equivalent to the New Yorker); and highly desirable for tobacco image advertising. Richard Nixon's aide Frank Gannon is the actual editor, and Owen Hartley is Production Manager. They are all on contract to Philip Morris.

1984-85: Laura Jordan Dietrich says she was contributor editor Saturday Review.

1986: Laura Jordan Dietrich says she was the author of U.S. Asylum Policy.

1987: The Saturday Review scam has not paid off for the tobacco industry. Paul Dietrich and his associates have now transferred from the Saturday Review to being a behind-the-scenes publishers of a free give-away glossy magazine known as the Philip Morris Magazine.

1988 Dec: David Morse retires from lobbying and lawyering with heart problems. The Institute for International Health & Development (IIHD) is now transferred fully to the control of Paul and Laura Dietrich.

1989 Jan 20: The end of Ronald Reagan's second term and the beginning of President George H W Bush. The Dietriches appear to lose their favoured position in the Washington Republican hierarch. He becomes a full-time tobacco lobbyist,

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