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Interests • Deep State
• Robert Malone
• Jesus

Joseph Atwill is an American author of works about the late Roman, early Christian empire - most notably Caesar's Messiah.


He studied Greek, Latin and the Bible at St. Mary's Military Academy, a Jesuit-run school in Japan. In college he studied computer science, and co-founded software companies including Ferguson Tool Company and ASNA. After 1995, he returned to Biblical studies. Working with Robert Eisenman, he authored a paper on radiocarbon dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls. In 2014, Atwill self-published another book, Shakespeare's Secret Messiah.[1]


He thinks it is possible, thanks to his close connection to the national security apparatus, that Robert Malone is a life time actor and could start to steer the Covid resistance into the wrong direction at one point.


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