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(deep state actor)
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ParentsRose Muscatine Hauer
Member ofCommittee on the Present Danger/Members
A deep state actor with multiple connections to the 9-11 event who appeared on television to promote the 9-11 official narrative.

Employment.png Director NYC Office of Emergency Management

In office
February 1996 - February 2000

Jerome M. Hauer is a deep state actor with multiple connections to the 9-11 event.


Jerome Hauer is a Zionist. His mother, Rose Muscatine Hauer, is the retired Dean of the Beth Israel School of Nursing and the Honorary President of the New York Chapter of Hadassah, the Daughters of Zion movement that is one of the central Zionist organizations involved in the creation and support of the State of Israel.


On the morning of 9/11, Hauer was managing director of Kroll Inc. and a national security advisor with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Early support for the Official narrative

Full article: 9-11 Official narrative

When interviewed by Dan Rather he was well versed in what was to become the 9-11 Official narrative, that the WTC was demolished by fire:

Dan Rather: Based on what you know, and I recognize we're dealing with so few facts, is it possible that just a plane crash could have collapsed these buildings, or would it have required the, sort of, prior positioning of other explosives in the, uh, in the buildings? I mean, what do you think?

Jerome Hauer: No, I, uh, my sense is just the velocity of the plane and the fact that you have a plane filled with fuel hitting that building, uh, that burned, uh, the velocity of that plane, uh, certainly, uh, uh, had an impact on the structure itself, and then the fact that it burned and you had that intense heat, uh, probably weakened the structure as well, uh, and I think it, uh, was, uh, simply the, uh, the planes hitting the buildings... causing the collapse.

Dan Rather: What perspective can you give us? I mean, there have been these repeated reports that, well, yes, Osama Bin Laden, but some think he's been over-emphasized as, as responsible for these kinds of events. I know many intelligence, uh, people at very high levels who say, listen, you can't have these kinds of attacks without having some state, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, somebody involved. Put that into perspective for us.

Jerome Hauer: Yeah, well I'm not sure I agree that, umm, this is necessarily state-sponsored. Umm, it, as I mentioned earlier, certainly has, umm, the, uh, fingerprints of somebody like Bin Laden.[1]


The Washington Post reported that on the advice of Jerome Hauer, the anti-biotic Cipro was administered to Dick Cheney and his close staff as "a precaution" on the evening of 9/11, days before the anthrax letters were mailed.[2][3]


Event Participated in

Operation Dark Winter22 June 200123 June 2001Washington DC
Andrews Air Force Base
An exercise where senior former officials would respond to a bioterrorist induced national security crisis. Uncannily predicted the 2001 anthrax attacks and other narratives. Held June 2001.
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