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FounderMiles Costick
HeadquartersWashington DC, USA
A small but influential Washington based group started by Cercle member Miles Costick.

It is interesting that a Washington-based[1] small group which was "run on a shoestring" would nevertheless excite the interest of the commercially-controlled media.


The group was based at 499 So. Capitol St., Suite 404A, in Washington D.C.


Examination of its publications suggests that it started in 1978 and became inactive in the early 1980s. It was mentioned in The New York Times in February 1982.[2]


The group published a number of books on technology transfer from the US to the USSR. It also appears to have bolstered the credibility of its founder and president, Miles Costick, who testified before the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs on technology transfer to the USSR.[3]


  • 1978 - The Strategic Dimension of East West Trade Miles Costick
  • 1978 - A perspective on the pressures behind Soviet Middle Eastern strategies Miles Costick
  • 1979 - The Soviet military power as a function of technology transfer from the West Miles Costick
  • 1980 - Strategic trade, economic sanctions and the security of the free world Miles Costick
  • 1980 - The Society Military Power and Western Technology
  • 1980 - Soviet Espionage in the Silicon Valley C. Simpson
  • 1981 - The Soviet Defense Council The Soviet Defense Council Sergei Freidzon


Staff included:

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