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Critics of Big Pharma and one of it's main revenue streams, vaccinations, argue that the decline of severe epidemics was not due to the introduction of large-scale inoculations, but thanks to:[1]
  • Access to clean fresh water supplies.
  • Access to better nutrition (like fruit and vegetables from afar) due to improved trade, transport and refrigeration.
  • Improved sanitation - flushing toilets and sewerage systems; governments collecting and removing rubbish and waste from where people live; burying the dead further away from where people live.
  • Improved hygiene - people washing more often, particularly their hands.
  • Improved antisepsis by doctors and hospitals - when doctors did not wash their hands or apply other meticulous antisepsis they spread infections from person to person. Antisepsis improved the survival rates for surgery.
  • Improved maternal care - care for mothers who have given birth: "Maternal mortality rates [death rates for mothers] were lowest for home deliveries undertaken by trained and supervised midwives ... In contrast ... maternal mortality rates were very high ... where most deliveries were performed by physicians... due to unnecessary interference." [8]
  • Improved housing conditions - so that less people were confined together in unhealthy housing conditions.
  • Improved working conditions - shorter working hours, more rest-time, laws and regulations that reduced health hazards.
  • Innovations like sickness insurance legislation led to improved care for mothers and infants.

The following charts are from Robert Sharpes 1988 book: The Cruel Deception, published by Thorsons Publishing Group, which in the 1980s was bought up by HarperCollins:[2]

Decline of Measles in England & Wales.jpg

Decline of Whooping Cough in England & Wales.jpg

Decline of Tuberculosis in England & Wales.jpg

Decline of Typhoid Fever England & Wales.jpg

Decline of Infant Mortality in UK.jpg

Dr Robert Sharpe: "Infant mortality was appalling... According to one estimate more than half the human race died before the age of ten... Infant mortality is now regarded as one of the best indications of a country's social conditions. Infant mortality is lowest in countries with a very high standard of living... In 1902 the Midwives Act (UK) was passed which improved the training and skills of midwives and from the turn of the century infant mortality fell rapidly, in line with the improvement in social conditions." (Quotes from The Cruel Deception, 1988, pages 21, 24, 25.)