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Concept.png Financial system 
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The modern financial system is a belief system comparable to a religion.

Official narrative

"There is no alternative" etc.


Mike Daisy has called the modern financial system both a religion and a "cargo cult".[1]

Money creation

Full article: Money creation

Money creation is not taught on business, economics or accounting courses, or subjected to discussion in commercially-controlled media.

John McMurtry estimated in 2001 that approximately 95% of money was created by private for profit corporations.

“The key master lie is this one:- that the politically-imposed (not economically-) the politically-imposed global corporate system calling itself the "global free market", that that politically-imposed global corporate system equals the "free market" equals democracy equals a solution to poverty.”
John McMurtry (2001)  [2]


An example

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Stock exchange


Related Quotation

J. P. Morgan“... [credit] is an evidence of banking, but it [credit] is not the money itself. Money is gold, and nothing else.”J. P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan & Co.


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